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Phiwe for your home

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With the poor refuse collection in our communities there has been significant damage done to our streets and our environment. Most households are still non-participants in the growing recycling economy and Phiwe is here to change that!

With Phiwe, you can now recycle, earn rewards and make an income off waste. With our cutting-edge system, we enable you to connect with your local waste specialists, the Reclaimed Material Traders (RMT) for secure and reliable waste collection services, free of charge! With our system you will now be able to scan, dispose and earn rewards for many different recyclable waste streams such as: glass, paper, plastics and many more!

With Phiwe you can now:

  • Divert valuable recyclables from landfills and from landing back in the environment
  • Scan products after use to learn of their value and collection information
  • Learn to recycle multiple waste streams from plastics and paper, to old devices and batteries
  • Conveniently order a RMT to collect your recyclable waste at the swipe of a screen
  • Receive a whole host of in app rewards, benefits and promotional prizes for sorting
  • Start earning a household income from trading your recyclables whilst ethically supporting the informal sector
  • Get sustainability reporting on your personal contribution to saving our world.

Phiwe for your home

Your Corporate entity 

Currently, there is no way to trace the full life cycle of products from production-to purchase- to consumption and finally discarding or recycling. Recyclable materials used as inputs into production have no way of tracing cradle to cradle traceability to complete the full circular economy product lifecycle.

  • Phiwe is offering a whole system business solution that will help all companies and manufacturers:
  • Achieve end-to-end product traceability
  • Better meet their recycling ERP targets backed by accurate data
  • Learn about recycling and sustainability including recycling specialized products such as batteries and cartridges
  • Support an ethical system to meet the UN Sustainable Development goals and SA Plastics Pact
  • Give them the ability to make digital payments within the system
  • Generate compliance and sustainability reports
  • With Phiwe’s ability to capture data in real-time accurately, a business can:
  • Gain insights on household usage of their products and brands
  • Track how much of their product and packaging is actually retrieved & recycled back into their packaging
  • Perform a product recall with the minimum amount of waste and identify hot spots
  • Connect with their target consumers, and offer them promotional items and product discounts

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Join Phiwe to get all the solutions you need to achieve your goals, maximise profitability in your business and empower your community.