Reclaimed Material Traders (RMTs)

Also known as reclaimers, are workers who make a living from collecting recyclable materials, usually from household refuse and landfill sites, which they sell or trade for cash to a sorting center or buy back center. The nature of their work is informal and therefore usually under harsh conditions, with little community support.

Although some RMTs work for someone else and enjoy some form of dignified employment, most RMTs have created their own self-sustaining informal networks often having to go through waste under unhygienic conditions to source and clean unsorted recyclables before they can trade. These men and women are our unsung recycling heroes, recycling over 80% of the countries post-consumer waste, and are a stigmatized and often exploited profession but thanks to Phiwe, there is a solution to all these challenges:

  • Phiwe rewards households who sort their recyclables from their municipal waste so RMTs no longer have to go through your rubbish to find valuable recyclables
  • Phiwe gives RMTs a verified and secure platform to be professionals running their own businesses and connecting them to households therefore improving their collection efficiency and community integration.
  • The prices of recyclables are transparent making it harder to exploit the profession
  • Phiwe encourages more people to become self-employed as RMT professionals on Phiwe by providing an easy to manage platform

Empower Yourself!

Join Phiwe and receive a more secure supply of recyclable material, more dignified working conditions and fair pricing for all that you collect!