About Phiwe

Introducing Basadi Solution’s flagship solution – Phiwe (pronounced -Pea Where). Derived from the Zulu word for ‘gifted’, Phiwe, uses decentralized apps to deliver a whole system solution that links all of the stakeholders within the material recycling ecosystem to maximize collaborative efforts thus:

  • Enabling transparent trade
  • Turning waste into a resource through household source separation
  • Targeting the plastic problem and
  • Create ethically sourced products

Our Mission

To be a catalyst for conscious future thinking and action, that drives opportunities and accelerates measurable business, social and environmental impact. To build sustainable communities where everyone has access to and chooses sustainable living.

Our Values

Courage – To solve major problems and stand up for what is right

Discipline – To succeed when the odds are stacked against you and dedication to the cause

Achievement – To make a positive mark and leave a legacy in the world

Change – To challenge yourself, and those around you

Culture – To overcome the fear of change and establish a new culture to sustainability


Scan & Learn

Scan your waste & learn about its material properties, value & impact on the environment

Rewards & Promotions

Earn rewards from recycling and redeem items from all your favourite brands!

Track & Trace

Trace your recyclable waste from collection point to recycling Centre & receive information on all the waste you recycle as well as your contribution to the environment

Phiwe Wallet

Use the Phiwe digital wallet to receive payment, trade currency and access instant secure transactions

Separate & Earn

Order a free waste collection through RMT for the specific size, material and area you are in, all at the swipe of a screen!

Snap & Sort

Recruit members of your community to sponsor a waste clean-up near you. Just Snap a picture & get your area sorted.

How it works

7.Register Icon

1. Register & Log-In

7.Scan Icon

2. Scan your waste & learn about its value & properties

7.Waste Pick Up Icon

3. Order a waste collection according to the size & material

7.Track & Trace Icon

4. Trace your waste through the sustainability value chain to receive your rewards.