What is Phiwe?

– Blockchain system, using IOT technology to enable digitally powered recycling.

– A system that enables every user to earn a living through waste

– A tool to recycle your scanned waste, get timely waste collections, receive rewards & empower your community!

Money & Rewards

Earn rewards & money for recycling

Scan your recyclables

Reliable waste collection for scanned recyclables

Sustainability data

Keep track of your personal impact on saving the world


Impact the environment, learn & earn with Phiwe

Secure instant payments

Send money, trade cryptocurrencies & earn rewards!

Seamless Waste collection

Order a reliable recyclables pickup, from your phone

Its more than an app, its Community Empowerment!

Dignify, transform & formalize the reclaimer profession with us.

Join us to create local circular waste economies in your community

Combine with us and your community to initiate local cleanups in your vicinity

The Chesterville Project

The Chesterville Waste Project is an initiative launched by Basadi Solutions in 2019 to clean up the community and advance the informal Recyclable material traders (RMTs) while changing the stigma around waste.

This program aims to encourage individuals to recycle in their households through environmental education and incentives through Phiwe. We aim to formalize RMT profession through dignified working conditions, fair payment and community integration.

With the help of the community and local council support, the project continues to grow towards the goal of empowering people through waste.

Empower Yourself!

Join our growing community and earn from recycling. Change your wallet, your community and your world! Empower yourself with Phiwe!